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Marcy - Head Baker

Marcy Delicious Yarns

Favorite Treat: Chocolate. In any form. My mother-in-law makes absolutely the best flourless chocolate cake you've ever tasted!

Delicious Yarns started by accident. I bought a yarn shop in 2008, and Jacqueline came with the store! I'm a life-long knitter and crocheter, but I never dyed yarn myself. We carried a brand of hand dyed yarns in the store that was very popular, and I knit a sweater for myself with it. I had just finished putting it together and was heading to a mirror to see how it looked. My son (around 20 at the time) walked by, sees me in the sweater, and says, "You're not going to wear that, are you??" I looked in the mirror and thought, "Well, I guess not." It just had so much color! Being not very tall, it was just too much. 

So I started hunting around for a hand dyed yarn that was not "too much" and couldn't find anything out there. Jacqueline had been dyeing yarns for the store, but very haphazardly. Whenever she had some time, or if she was teaching a dyeing workshop, she would grab a few undyed skeins and make something pretty. Her yarns always sold out quickly, but she never wrote any "recipes" down. She was never able to make more of anything she had dyed previously. Customers would see what someone else had purchased and would want some as well, so I told her to start taking notes. Then I asked her to try to come up with some more subtle combinations that might make finished garments more wearable for those of us that were "vertically challenged." And this was the start of our Sweets, our yarns that are kettle dyed, with a pop of contrast. From that point, we became a bit more organized. We had a little display of it in the store. A long-time sales rep from another company saw it and thought it was great. He suggested that we take it to Stitches West to see how it would do outside of my store. And that leads us to today!

Our goal is to make beautiful (and sometimes unexpected) color combinations, but just enough to make it fun to knit with. We don't want to overwhelm with color.  

Our branding is what really makes us different than other businesses. From the color names to the kit packaging, all the way down to the details on our tags and labels. We just never stop! Everything is dyed to order. We also pride ourselves on giving impeccable customer service. If a customer has an issue or needs something special or in a hurry, we really try to bend over backwards to accommodate whenever possible. It's not always easy since we are basically a "two-woman hamster wheel" (as we like to call it)! But, we do what we can!

Besides yarn and anything having to do with yarn, my other big obsession is hockey. My dad was a huge fan in New York, and he sucked the rest of us right in with him. I was a figure skater back in the day, and my two sons grew up playing hockey. It's kind of a family thing. I even met my husband because of my love of the Los Angeles Kings! I also love my dogs. I have three miniature schnauzers. They are adorable, smart, playful... and usually more entertaining than anything on television!

Marcy's dogs - Delicious Yarns

Jacqueline - Dessert Designer

Jacqueline Delicious Yarns

Favorite Treat: My favorite treat is dark chocolate, with almonds, please. My recipe is: walk into the nearest store with dark chocolate (with almonds, please) and purchase. :)

My background is in painting and drawing (I earned my BFA in Painting and Drawing from CSULB in 2000) and I started knitting when I was 27. I began working in a yarn store about a year later, and that store featured hand-dyed yarns that were made on site, as well as classes so that customers could learn dyeing techniques.The owner at the time taught me to dye yarn, and I fell in love! Before long I was dyeing for the store and teaching the classes. 

Delicious Yarns is different from other yarns because it has this cute, inviting food theme to it. We've always know yarn enthusiasts to talk about great yarn using food terms - yummy, scrumptious, delicious, etc. The yarn itself is so soft and lovely and, most of all, WEARABLE! We wanted to make sure not to go overboard with our use of color, so that finished projects were also beloved garments, not just a hobby byproduct that gets tucked away in a trunk somewhere. To keep things appetizing to the eye, I work really hard to get a lot of variation in the colors we use, so that the resulting fabric has depth and texture.  

In my spare time, I like to go on adventures with my son, who is 7. I also love to read and paint, and I'm the creator of a social practice art project where I leave art and art supplies in public spaces as gifts freely given to anyone that finds them:

Delicious Yarns